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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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Improve Your Smile By Next Month AND At A Huge Savings!

Peck, DDS Better Looking 2

Have you watched television or gone to a movie, studied the stars’ beautiful smiles and asked yourself, “Why can’t my smile look like that?”

Did you consider having cosmetic dentistry? Then, when you brought up the idea to your family about looking into cosmetic dentistry, they cautioned you that you might need to sell your left kidney to get a movie star smile. Then, they tell you about a distant relative of a friend who spent a year almost toothless waiting for his crowns and veneers. So, the next time you’re at your dentist’s office, you tell the dentist that you’re very happy with your smile. You don’t want to ask about something you can’t pay for. Do you? And, who wants to walk around without proper teeth for a year?

I won’t deny that some high-end procedures in cosmetic dentistry are expensive. They may also require more time to complete. It’s no secret that a complete smile enhancement can take 12-20 porcelain veneers and/or crowns and could cost upwards of $40,000 or more.

The thing is, however, you might be very surprised to find out that you can have your smile transformed in just a few appointments and at a very affordable cost. How can that be? You see, the truth is that most of our patients don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a total cosmetic dental enhancement. Therefore, what kind of cosmetic dental work can we offer you without a second mortgage?

The key involves having Dr. Peck do several low cost cosmetic dentistry procedures in combination with each other. The resulting smile can be unbelievable.

Here’s a “Coupon-Cutter” Smile Makeover Agenda for you:
     • power whitening can bring back the gleam to stained teeth
     • gentle shaping of your existing teeth should create a balance and esthetic harmony to your smile
     • replacing ugly metal fillings in your back teeth with white fillings makes your laugh sparkle
     • freshening stained white fillings on your front teeth makes them almost disappear
     • replacing dark metal fillings on the backside of your front teeth takes away that grey, dead look
     • worn and chipped teeth can be fixed with simple cosmetic bonding
     • uneven or pointed teeth can be balanced with bonded veneers
     • sculpturing away over-reaching gum tissue on your front teeth will banish that “gummy” smile

Here’s an example of what Dr. Peck can do. First, Dr. Peck could shape your gums to reveal the hidden beauty underneath. Then, the doctor can whiten your smile. When that’s completed, Dr. Peck will calibrate your esthetic ratios and sculpt your teeth to harmonize with the structure of your face. After your smile is whiter and attractively shaped, ugly back fillings can be replaced with beautiful white bonded resin fillings. Finally, worn and chipped teeth might have hand-sculpted resin bonding to bring back their length and to smooth the edges. The entire makeover could be completed in two, at most three, appointments. Of course, what you might want done could be more or less involved, but most of the time, the fees for this cost-effective makeover would probably be less than $2,000. Actually, it might be closer to $1,000. Now, the next time you come to Peck, DDS, open your mouth and ask about what cosmetic dental options are available. Even if you’re on a coupon-cutter budget.