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Thinking About Attracting The Right Person?

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 07/14/18 12:31 AM

Peck, DDS New Love 1

Would you ever be interested in somebody with damaged, stained, unattractive teeth? We bet if you needed to select from a person with bad teeth and another person with a wide open smile which has even, symmetrical, white teeth, you’d choose the individual with the wonderful, attractive smile. Why is that? Can the appearance of your smile make a big difference in exactly how those of the opposite sex treat you? Researchers say a warm smile is an important ingredient to unlocking someone else’s heart.

By using just a few uncomplicated treatments that may take just 2 or 3 visits completed by a cosmetic dentist, your social life could very well soar. Today’s high-tech techniques may change an embarrassing smile that keeps away members of the opposite sex to a confident, attractive smile that could foster the most significant relationship you will ever have.

Of all the features you can change about oneself, your smile is among the least complicated and fastest to fix. After you decide to go ahead, call Peck, DDS.We’ve studied cosmetic dentistry. You can start your quest to having a smile which could guide your life toward personal success.

Why Is It So Hard To Find That Perfect Match?

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 07/14/18 12:31 AM


Would you ever be attracted to somebody with chipped, dark, unsightly teeth? We bet if you had to pick from someone with bad teeth and a different person with a wide open smile, which has even, symmetrical, white teeth, you’d pick the individual with the great, attractive smile. Why do you think that is? Can the appearance of your teeth help make a big difference in how people of the opposite sex treat you? Experts in the industry claim a warm smile is a crucial aspect to unlocking someone else’s heart.

With some little simple procedures, which may take only 2 or 3 appointments, performed by the team at Peck, DDS, your personal life could soar. Modern-day high-tech procedures may transform an unsightly smile that pushes away the possible mates to an appealing, self-confident smile that can foster the most meaningful relationship you will ever have.

With all the different qualities you can modify about yourself, your smile is among the easiest and fastest to fix. Once you choose to enhance your smile, call the cosmetic dental team at Peck, DDS. You can begin your journey toward having a smile that can direct your life toward personal happiness.

Improve Your Smile By Next Month AND At A Huge Savings!

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 07/4/18 12:18 AM

Peck, DDS Better Looking 2

Have you watched television or gone to a movie, studied the stars’ beautiful smiles and asked yourself, “Why can’t my smile look like that?”

Did you consider having cosmetic dentistry? Then, when you brought up the idea to your family about looking into cosmetic dentistry, they cautioned you that you might need to sell your left kidney to get a movie star smile. Then, they tell you about a distant relative of a friend who spent a year almost toothless waiting for his crowns and veneers. So, the next time you’re at your dentist’s office, you tell the dentist that you’re very happy with your smile. You don’t want to ask about something you can’t pay for. Do you? And, who wants to walk around without proper teeth for a year?

I won’t deny that some high-end procedures in cosmetic dentistry are expensive. They may also require more time to complete. It’s no secret that a complete smile enhancement can take 12-20 porcelain veneers and/or crowns and could cost upwards of $40,000 or more.

The thing is, however, you might be very surprised to find out that you can have your smile transformed in just a few appointments and at a very affordable cost. How can that be? You see, the truth is that most of our patients don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a total cosmetic dental enhancement. Therefore, what kind of cosmetic dental work can we offer you without a second mortgage?

The key involves having Dr. Peck do several low cost cosmetic dentistry procedures in combination with each other. The resulting smile can be unbelievable.

Here’s a “Coupon-Cutter” Smile Makeover Agenda for you:
     • power whitening can bring back the gleam to stained teeth
     • gentle shaping of your existing teeth should create a balance and esthetic harmony to your smile
     • replacing ugly metal fillings in your back teeth with white fillings makes your laugh sparkle
     • freshening stained white fillings on your front teeth makes them almost disappear
     • replacing dark metal fillings on the backside of your front teeth takes away that grey, dead look
     • worn and chipped teeth can be fixed with simple cosmetic bonding
     • uneven or pointed teeth can be balanced with bonded veneers
     • sculpturing away over-reaching gum tissue on your front teeth will banish that “gummy” smile

Here’s an example of what Dr. Peck can do. First, Dr. Peck could shape your gums to reveal the hidden beauty underneath. Then, the doctor can whiten your smile. When that’s completed, Dr. Peck will calibrate your esthetic ratios and sculpt your teeth to harmonize with the structure of your face. After your smile is whiter and attractively shaped, ugly back fillings can be replaced with beautiful white bonded resin fillings. Finally, worn and chipped teeth might have hand-sculpted resin bonding to bring back their length and to smooth the edges. The entire makeover could be completed in two, at most three, appointments. Of course, what you might want done could be more or less involved, but most of the time, the fees for this cost-effective makeover would probably be less than $2,000. Actually, it might be closer to $1,000. Now, the next time you come to Peck, DDS, open your mouth and ask about what cosmetic dental options are available. Even if you’re on a coupon-cutter budget.

Can An Extraordinary Smile Lead To Higher Income?

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 07/4/18 12:18 AM

Peck, DDS Higher Income 1

Your teeth are among the first attributes any person, most notably a job interviewer, notices about you. Over the course of the first 30 seconds, a potential boss could make a first impression based on your smile regarding your:
• openness
• friendliness
• honesty
• intellect
• social standing.

It’s obvious that if your smile is radiant, when your smile is straight and white, when your facial look is appealing, you are able to create a welcoming initial impression. The “million-dollar smile” might be taken literally for executives.

Recent research indicates a link between how much is on your paycheck in regards to your physical appearance. A study released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis discovered that individuals with a more appealing smile made 5-10% more compared to their less attractive counterparts.

Pretty much everybody would concur that a dazzling smile is an important social advantage, according to the results of a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition, 74 percent of those surveyed claimed an unappealing smile can damage a person’s chances for career achievements.

The accompanying graphic shows four photos of 20-somethings. Review them and decide which individual you think will earn more money over their career, making the assumption that education, skills, attitude and age are similar. We mixed up the letter order to reduce skewing of the results.

If you selected “C”, your choice is arriving at the same conclusion as 71% of this survey’s participants. The weird thing about this is, we accept this conclusion as normal, yet, we don’t often consider the impact this natural judgement ability has on our OWN lives and careers.

Should you be self-conscious with regards to your smile, your job performance may suffer. Yet if your smile is bright and authentic, chances are you exhibit confidence and good cheer, that makes you easily approachable and likeable for business dealings.

The reality is, nevertheless, that few people have perfect smiles. And luckily, you do not have to be a high-earning executive to be able to afford a million-dollar smile. With the newest advances in dentistry, such as teeth whitening, straightening, or replacing teeth, our team can turn several treatments into just two or three appointments.

To put your best foot forward in a job interview, make sure that your smile measures up with what you want for your future. Look at an array of cosmetic dental procedures, from tooth whitening to a set of veneers, offered by Dr. Peck.

Thinking About A New Look? Make Your First Move Your Worn Down Smile!

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 07/1/18 12:36 AM

Peck, DDS Image 6

A brand-new smile can make you seem younger, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as boost your communication skills, your attractiveness, and positively affect your personal and professional relationships.

According to research by social psychologists, many people spend about half a minute assessing you just before they begin to create a laundry list of impressions about your:
     • educational level
     • work skills
     • success
     • personality
     • class
     • dependability
     • sense of humor
     • social heritage.

Bad or good, this means looks count these days, according to Susan Bixler’s book, “The Professional Image” published by Adams Media Corporation.

When getting together with somebody for the first time, how you appear is even more important than what you say.

Sociolinguist, Albert Mehrabian, found in his in-depth research on communication that 7% of verbal communication comes from the words utilized; 38% comes from the verbal tone, pacing, and inflection; and 55% is transmitted by the person’s visual appearance and mannerisms.

Your teeth are one of the first features people observe about you in personal interactions. Getting that wonderful smile is not as challenging as you may think.

Many people may achieve a remarkable makeover of their smile with just a few appointments with Dr. Peck. A lot of options are readily available and there’s absolutely no reason why you need to deal with the heartbreak of an awful job or a poor romantic relationship just because you do not have an appealing smile.

Don’t wait another moment to look younger, feel younger and take hold of the good things in life that seem to happen so easily to beautiful people. Contact Dr. Peck at Peck, DDS right away.

Now it’s your time to have:
     • Great friends
     • A successful career
     • Respect and envy from others
     • General health and SUPER self-esteem
     • ALL those society doors that were once closed to you opening up with simply a flash of your white, gorgeous and dazzling smile.

Want a kiss? Only if you have nice teeth!

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 06/30/18 12:34 AM


A third of 1,000 adults from the U.S. aged 18 to 50 years old probably wouldn’t be very likely to kiss an individual with bad teeth, based on a recently available survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Poor teeth are usually associated with poor oral hygiene, decreased self-worth, and also a poor visual appearance. In contrast, a whiter smile is associated with health and beauty, as well as to youth and energy, and perhaps, not surprisingly, teeth whitening is thought of as the most popular cosmetic service provided by dentists.

Tooth whitening eliminates discolorations from teeth brought on by tobacco, wine, coffee, teas, and food as well as tartar. Most of the time, you can whiten your smile using one of three techniques: whitening toothpaste, in-office whitening or home whitening.

In-office whitening has the most dramatic results, with your smile becoming up to eight shades whiter in about an hour, where the home approach can take about two weeks.

Beautiful teeth attract other beautiful smiles, the experts add. The Academy of General Dentistry reports, those with visible dental neglect are 32 times more likely to have a partner with obvious neglect. Those without visible dental neglect tend to be 5.4 times more likely to have a similar partner. So if Cupid still hasn’t provided the right relationship, consider smile whitening options by Peck at Peck, DDS.

Take 10 Years Off Your Appearance Without a Facelift!

Posted by Fred Peck, DDS on 02/25/16 10:09 PM

A brand new smile helps you look numerous years younger because of the fact cosmetic dentistry is similar to a facelift that can instantly nullify the normal aging development of the teeth, as well as the shape of your face.

Youth and beauty are affiliated with overall vitality, health and balance. A healthy mouth, which includes a lovely smile, which has even, white, straight teeth could make you appear about ten years younger.

To upgrade aging teeth, lots of people are turning to cosmetic dentistry instead of more costly plastic surgery.

Similar to your bones, your teeth may thin out, crack and break. When teeth get shorter and shorter, the smile weakens and the chin and nose move closer and closer to each other. The end product is a face that expands sideways and folds and wrinkles that appear around the lips and cheeks.

With cosmetic dentistry, your natural tooth length is added to your smile, and your face opens up in a natural way. Very quickly, many, many years of lines and wrinkles vanish. As a matter of fact, your friends are going to be astounded at just how much younger you look and you can truthfully let them know that you did not have a facelift.

Other aging dental conditions that can be eliminated using cosmetic dentistry:
     • Your teeth may darken or discolor from wine, tobacco, coffee, tea,
     • Your teeth may darken or discolor from a number of drugs
     • the smile may appear shrunken in or loose and disheveled
     • your gums could shrink, showing more of the tooth’s length and causing you to be literally “long-in-the-tooth”
     • old supporting metal underneath old crowns or bridgework may start to show, revealing bad dental work.

All these situations are acceptable for reversal using advanced techniques and tools that are faster than ever before, and completed commonly in just a few appointments.

If you think your smile is uncovering your real age, contact Dr. Peck at Peck, DDS to get rid of the dental ravages of time.