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Cosmetic Dentistry Research Revealed

Peck, DDS Research Cosmetic Photo Set 2 Social psychologist and market research professional Dr. Anne Beall, performed the 3rd party study for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Pictures of 8 people were shown to 528 Americans, a statistically applicable mix of the population. The respondents were asked to quickly assess the 8 people regarding how desirable, smart, cheerful, successful in their profession, hospitable, interesting, kind, wealthy, well-liked by the opposite sex, as well as sensitive to other people these people were.

Two sets of photos were created, with each set showing 8 people before going through cosmetic dental work, and the same eight people right after treatment.

The 8 subjects viewed by respondents were evenly divided up by sex. Two had mild improvements by way of cosmetic dental work, two had modest improvements, and four had big improvements to their smiles, to supply a variety for respondents to look at. None, on the other hand, had noticeably decaying teeth, missing teeth or extremely bad oral health in the before photos.

50% of the research group respondents looked at JUST the BEFORE photos, the opposite half reviewed ONLY the AFTER pictures.

Respondents weren’t told they were looking at dentistry, but were asked to make immediate judgments ranking every person for the ten factors, on a range of 1-10, with “one” meaning “not at all”, and “ten” meaning “extremely so”.

The final results pointed out that an appealing smile gives you benefits.

Peck, DDS Research Cosmetic Graph

It’s evident that a wonderful smile enhances your overall worth and social position.

NOTE: While the rating difference was most stunning for these categories: 

  • Attractive
  • Successful
  • Wealthy
  • Popular

The positive rating difference in ALL attributes was obviously considerable.

Here are all of the before and after images that had been used in the above mentioned study.

Peck, DDS Research Cosmetic Photo Set 1

Practically all Americans (99.7%) consider a smile is a crucial social asset.

96% of adult men and women believe a stunning smile makes a person more desirable to people of the opposite sex.

Three-quarters (74%) of adult men and women truly feel an unattractive smile can hurt an individual’s chances for job success.