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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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Thinking About A New Look? Make Your First Move Your Worn Down Smile!

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A brand-new smile can make you seem younger, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as boost your communication skills, your attractiveness, and positively affect your personal and professional relationships.

According to research by social psychologists, many people spend about half a minute assessing you just before they begin to create a laundry list of impressions about your:
     • educational level
     • work skills
     • success
     • personality
     • class
     • dependability
     • sense of humor
     • social heritage.

Bad or good, this means looks count these days, according to Susan Bixler’s book, “The Professional Image” published by Adams Media Corporation.

When getting together with somebody for the first time, how you appear is even more important than what you say.

Sociolinguist, Albert Mehrabian, found in his in-depth research on communication that 7% of verbal communication comes from the words utilized; 38% comes from the verbal tone, pacing, and inflection; and 55% is transmitted by the person’s visual appearance and mannerisms.

Your teeth are one of the first features people observe about you in personal interactions. Getting that wonderful smile is not as challenging as you may think.

Many people may achieve a remarkable makeover of their smile with just a few appointments with Dr. Peck. A lot of options are readily available and there’s absolutely no reason why you need to deal with the heartbreak of an awful job or a poor romantic relationship just because you do not have an appealing smile.

Don’t wait another moment to look younger, feel younger and take hold of the good things in life that seem to happen so easily to beautiful people. Contact Dr. Peck at Peck, DDS right away.

Now it’s your time to have:
     • Great friends
     • A successful career
     • Respect and envy from others
     • General health and SUPER self-esteem
     • ALL those society doors that were once closed to you opening up with simply a flash of your white, gorgeous and dazzling smile.