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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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Digital Esthetic Smile Simulation

Peck, DDS Smile Imaging 2

If you are thinking about improving your smile, it can be difficult to imagine what kind of results you can expect. After all, a smile is a personal thing, and changing your smile can feel like changing your whole appearance. That’s why we use cosmetic digital imaging. Ahead of treatment even starting, this program helps you see exactly what the proposed cosmetic or reconstructive treatments will look like. Patients are able to see exactly what they can anticipate from the doctor’s smile treatment enhancement plan to help them make well informed choices.

The process is quite simple and requires no dental work or anesthetic. Once Dr. Peck has completed your oral exam and discussed your smile goals, a written treatment plan will be created. Digital photos of your current smile will be taken and changes will be entered into the computer. The computer immediately begins to create one or more cosmetically enhanced images that accurately show how the changes will affect the appearance of your mouth, as well as your overall facial appearance.

Finally, we can print out your “new smile” so that you can discuss the exciting possibilities with your family and friends.